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Remote Support - Secure service that allows one of our representatives to assist an end-user in solving computer problems, either by showing what steps to take via screen sharing, or with permission, taking control of the desktop and performing a task remotely. This service is billed in quarter hour increments.

Contract Support - This entitles a customer who signs a contract or buys blocks of contract time to a number of agreed upon onsite vistis as well as remote support services. This also gives the customer priority over customers who call in from time to time. These customers receive discounts on any parts that are purchased through GCS. These services is billed in monthly increments.

Per Call Support - These are customers who are provided with networking services on a per call basis. These customers fall into a queue and are handled in the order that they are recieved. They receive no discount on parts that are purchased. This service is billed after the job is completed.

PC Repair- We also offer pc repair to both residential and business customers. This can be with remote support or with dropping off the machine to us. This service is billed after the pc has been accessed by the technician, a free quote given and approved by the customer, and the job has been completed.

Networking Services - This service consists of running cat 5 cable, cat 6 cable, terminations of cable, installing swtiches, installing routers, etc. This service is quoted free up front and then billed after the job is completed.